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EU-Indy Course

Study course «European media standards and values / EU-Indy» consists of five modules. If you take a course, you will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Module 1. «Media Culture in the European Society» (teacher Dr. Viktor Kostiuk, PhD in Pedagogy): you will be introduced to the principles of media culture, its basic elements and ways of development of media literacy and information competencies.
  • Module 2. «European Journalism Standards: Historical Roots and Current Challenges» (teachers Dr. Olena Usmanova, PhD in Philology, Dr. Iurii Kostiuk, PhD in Social Communications): you will gain theoretical background on historical roots of modern European journalistic standards and their application and violation in modern Ukraine; understand when and why democratic principles appeared crucial for European Union development; study the cases of Georgy Gongadze, Pavlo Sheremet and other Ukrainian journalist.
  • Module 3. «Conflict-sensitive journalism for radio and online media» (teachers Dr. Yulia Luibchenko, PhD in Social Communications, Dr. Pavlo Miroshnychenko, PhD in Philology): you will master basic theoretical knowledge of conflict-sensitive journalism and train to prepare stories on sensitive topics while being acquainted with main journalism skills of gathering information, producing informative content for radio and online media.
  • Module 4. «Fact-checking and verification in media» (teacher Dr. Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova, PhD in Social Communications): you will acquire basic media literacy skills in fact checking and verification of information for mindful and responsible consuming of media messages and user generated content in social media.
  • Module 5. «Communicating European Values through Opinion Writing» (teacher Olena Tupakhina, Phd in Philology): you will learn basic theoretical apparatus for further studying of practical material of the course and get acquainted with the early stages of European Values formation; analyze opinion journalism through the lens of the democratic principles of dignity, freedom, and equality; be able to reveal your creativity and academic freedom in a classroom.