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About EU-Indy Project

Program: Erasmus+

Activity: Jean Monnet Module

Project number: 620745-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE

Project’s title: European Media Standards and Values for Independent Journalism in Post-Truth Era

Acronym: EU-Indy

EU funding: 29400 euro

Period of implementation: 24.10.2020 – 23.10.2023

Recipient: Zaporizhzhya National University

The project’s goal is to develop clear unified guidelines for incorporating European media standards and values into Ukrainian media practice. The aim is to set future media professionals ready for quality changes – to transform Ukrainian media landscape in accordance to European standards and prepare broad public to be responsible, mindful and media literate citizens.

It is crucial now for sustaining democracy in Ukraine. The project will provide premises for developing skills and competences in media literacy, critical thinking and journalism writing for reflecting on the role of journalism in society, its legislative, ethical and other regulative aspects.

To reach the goals we eager to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Introduce a EU studies course devoted to concepts of media culture, European journalism standards and values, peace and conflict-sensitive journalism to students majoring in journalism and non-journalism disciplines.
  2. Develop training curriculum and materials for professional development of in-service journalists of local South Eastern Ukrainian media.
  3. Provide students and teachers with educational and technical resources to create independent youth media and promote discussion, critical thinking and media literacy among wide public (via online media and student public-service radio).

The project’s acronym EU-Indy refers to the ‘indymedia’ concept emerged in 2000 as a global network of independent media outlets with quality content without racism or any other forms of xenophobia or discrimination. The project team shares the European values of unity in diversity, tolerance and transparency, and promotes them widely academically and though media.

The projects main results comprise:

  • Detailed educational materials of modules developed within the project – accessible online openly as electronic teaching aids for EU-studies related journalism courses Ukraine-wide (papers, articles, reports, course handbook and posters);
  • Thoroughly developed set of professional trainings tailor-made specifically for journalists of local Ukrainian media, which usually lack resources for professional development.
  • Policy paper, which will provide a ground for transforming editorial policies of Ukrainian media and become a road map of further implementation of European standards and values into Ukrainian media field.
  • Created independent student public-service broadcasting channel as a platform for future professionals practice and public space for social debates and high quality informing of local youth.
  • Media literacy components introduces for secondary schools teachers with further methodological and resource support provided.